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Night Shift Mine No. 4 July 31, 1941

Night Shift Mine No. 4 July 31, 1941

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1.Johnny Watson
2.Noble Griffis
3.Melvin Bowman
4.Theo Abbott
5.Lloyd Ridner
6.William Cordell
7.Dave Downs
8.Fred Keith
9.Gerney Duncan
10.Alec New
11.Carl Wright
12.Floyd Foster “Midnight”
13.Cliff Holloway
14.Clayton Meadow
15.Joe Gibson
16.Paul Tucker
17.Elbert Tucker

18.Alec Patton
19.Rob Watters
20.Ed Wright
21.Dorman Swain
22.Steve Haynes
23.Luther Patton
24.Gilbert Kidd
25.Jimmy Shepherd
26.Web Worley
27.Harry Meadows
28.Dillard Reynolds
29.Obe Jones
30.Earl Edwards
31.Clifford Wright
32.Elmer J. Shepherd
33.John Hollis


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