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Store Keepers May 28, 1939


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1. Preston Miller
2.J.C. Baldwin
3.Don H. Hall
4.Chester H. Jones
5.John Boyd
6.Owen Anderson
7.Claude Litton
8.Oscar Prater
9. L.L. Craig
10.Clifford West
11.Raymond Orme
12.Wilburn Warman
13.Bill Shoopman
14.Red Trammell
15.Bill Pryor
16.Steve Stephens
17.Ike Burke
18.Hobert Stephens
19.Eli Logan
20.Roscoe Dagley
21.Linnie King
22.Tony Benilli
23.Robert Monroe
24.Estill Jones
25.Lewis King
26.Hobert Downs
27.L.D. King
28.Roger Monroe
29.Leroy Prater
30.Virgil Foster
31.Mr. Simpson


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