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Machine & Electric Shops & Power Plant July 25, 1941


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1.Eugene Larmee
2.Hurstle Ball
3.Earl Kidd
4.Canner Martin
5.Fred Stephens
6.Tom Lewis
7.O.D. Storie
8.Jim Webb
9.Chris Larmee
10.Joe Mitchell
11.Barkley Bass
12.Douglas McGuffey
13.John Stephens
14.Clarence Orme
15.James Wright
16.Cecil Vanhook
17.Amon Taylor
18Cecil Litton
19.Loland Redden
20.Chester Taylor
22.Luther Ball
23.Whit Taylor
24.Willard Coffey
25.H.J. “Pat” Alcorn
26.Fred Morgan, Sr
27 Edd Bass
28.Noel Shorter
29.Oliver Martin
30.Chester Williamson
31.Mack Crabtree
32.Mathey Ross
33.Orville Stephens
34.Hurstle Stephens
35.Marvin Eblen
36.Floyd Murphy
37.Jim Grant
38.Ernest Martin
39.Doug Strunk
40.Joe Caddell
41.Tivis Ball
42.Bill Bradley
43.Edd Jones
44.Newtie King
45.Odie Stephens
46.Harry Gregory
47.Gus Perry
48.Sid Wilson
49.Joe Murphy
50.Wilburn Smithers
51.Elmer Caddell
52.Webster King
53. Ernest Ball
54. Herbert Stephens
55. Eldred King
56. Bob Humble


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